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Jan De Kerpel, Equity Analyst Pharma & Biotech at KBC Securities, keeps you updated on the latest biotech stock market insights. On this page you can find all his articles.

Overall Markets depressed, but biotech stocks (with US exposure) even more


US Fund flows data currently available for November and December 2015 mirrored the tapering biotech sentiment, with a combined $ 1.3bn leaving the US healthcare sector, while total net assets hovered around $ 137bn. For 2015, $ 9.6bn still flowed into US healthcare overall, driven by the very positive first half of the year. For European healthcare, these numbers are not available but will have followed the same trend. read more

The capital flow into the biotech sector over the last two years should be enough to buffer any market setbacks


Public markets were buffeted by negative macro trends over the summer period, driven by recent China uncertainty. Biotech indices were not immune to the volatility. After reaching record high valuations in July, the leading NASDAQ biotech index (NBI) dropped by 18% in August, but has regained 10% since then. The Belgian Pharma&Biotech (BELPB) index saw a less dramatic drop of 12% but with 10% gains in recent weeks has largely clawed back its August losses. Year-to-date, this index is up 21% versus 18% for NBI while we have seen mid-single-digit increases for general indices (e.g. Bel20 +6%). read more

Biotech rally continues. A fundamentally maturing sector or a bubble?


"Publicly-listed Belgian biotech is experiencing very strong momentum, driven by pipeline developments and market enthusiasm for high-growth companies." Jan De Kerpel, KBC Securities read more

IPO Market still open?


"The current interest for biotech stocks is the result by an increased enthusiasm of both retail and institutional investors in the sector, driven by cash inflows in the market seeking for stocks with substantial upside potential." Jan De Kerpel, KBC Securities read more

Benelux biotech sector attracts strong interest from top segment of US investors


"While 2014 has been a good year from sector, corporate development and financing viewpoints, share price evaluations have been mixed. However, the substantial interest from top tier biotech & healthcare US investors underlines that the sector has grown up and is here to stay." Jan De Kerpel, KBC Securities read more

Bursting bubble or long-awaited healthy correction


"Belgian Biotech well placed to weather potential storms after a very prosperous period.", Jan De Kerpel, KBC Securities read more

US investor & partnering event 2013 (New York)


"Successful investor event brought nineteen Benelux biotech and healthcare companies to New York to meet specialist healthcare investors", Jan De Kerpel, KBC Securities read more

Financial biotech-markets: summer update


"After a stellar rally of almost 200% since the summer of 2012, the Belgian Biotech index has seen a 50% correction over the last six months", Jan De Kerpel, KBC Securities read more

Will Belgian biotech have another Grand Cru year in 2013? The first tasting is promising


"Is the recent market rally sustainable or will investors start to get vertigo?", Jan De Kerpel, KBC Securities read more

Maturing Belgian life science sector


"Marturing Belgian biotechs outshine European peers", Jan De Kerpel, KBC Securities read more

(Biotech) money never sleeps


"After a hot biotech summer, the autumn promises to make Belgian public biotech even more visible on investor radar screens", Jan De Kerpel, KBC Securities read more

Stock markets saw a dip in May, but biotech remained strong


"Belgian biotech increasingly attractive to US investors", Jan De Kerpel, KBC Securities read more

European financial biotechmarkets are opening up, allowing first movers to strengthen their cash positions


"The ease at which Thrombogenics recently raised € 78m has put Belgian biotech at the European top at the start of 2012", Jan De Kerpel, KBC Securities read more

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