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Listed companies

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The combined market cap of Belgian SME biotech companies gained top position in the European ranking. The fact that the number of qualifying companies is 2 to 3 times smaller than in other European countries confirms the intrinsic quality of the Belgian public biotech sector.


TiGenix NV (NYSE Euronext: TIG) is a leading European cell therapy company with one product on the market and a strong clinical stage pipeline of adult stem cell programs. The company's lead product, ChondroCelect®, for cartilage repair in the knee, is the first product to be approved and obtain national reimbursement in Europe. ChondroCelect is currently on the market in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK and Finland and benefits from full national reimbursement in 3 of these countries.

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  • Listing date:   22/03/2007

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Product Indications and progress Partner
ChondroCelect (autologous chondrocytes) Cartilage lesions of the knee
Cx601 Complex perianal fistulas (Chron's)
Cx611 (RA) Autoimmune disorders
Cx621 Autoimmune disorders

Investor Relations:
Claudia D’Augusta, CFO
Phone: +32 16 39 60 60

Address details:
Romeinse straat 12 bus 2, 3001 Leuven, Belgium

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