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in english offers you an overview of all Belgian biotech companies listed on the Euronext Brussels stock market. This website is a FlandersBio initiative in collaboration with KBC Securities and Euronext Brussels. FlandersBio is the networking organisation for the life sciences sector in Flanders.

The combined market cap of Belgian SME biotech companies gained top position in the European ranking. The fact that the number of qualifying companies is 2 to 3 times smaller than in other European countries confirms the intrinsic quality of the Belgian public biotech sector.

Belgian biotech stock market results

Belgian biotech index

25/02/2016 * Overall Markets depressed, but biotech stocks (with US exposure) even more.

Belgium biotech index

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Overall Markets depressed, but biotech stocks (with US exposure) even more

KBC Securities Jan De Kerpel, analyst biotech/pharma at KBC Securities

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